Hello there! My name is Heather. I am 16 years old and I'm an artist. I love creating in any media- drawing, painting, photography, music, fashion, beauty, and sometimes even writing. Which is why I am here to write about my life and the things I create for your enjoyment. A bit about my personality; I am very open-minded and strong-willed. I am passionate about music, art, and learning new things about people and life in general.

About my blog title: Throughout my whole life I've always recognized that I'm weird and that it's a good thing. I vaguely remember going up to an elementary school classmate telling them,"I am weird, and proud of it!" I love the differences in people and I think it's something we ought to celebrate more! Basically, I figured it's normal for people to be weird and it's especially normal for me to be weird. Hence Weirdlynormal (because normallyweird doen't have the same ring to it).

This blog is a collection of my ideas, creations, processes, and information to share. Please enjoy!

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