Monday, March 4, 2013

Moleskine Flipthrough #1

Today I finished my Moleskine sketchbook after 11 months of on and off use. I love Moleskines for their small size, unique feel, thick paper, and the classiness you feel when using one. I filmed a video flip-through of the pages for those of you who would like to see my completed sketchbook.

Here are some of the highlights of this sketchbook in picture form.

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Girls Day Out

My dad left on a business trip for Singapore today so my mom and I took it as an opportunity to hang out together.

First we went to the park to take pictures, but it was too cold to stay longer than 10 minutes. Here are some of the better shots I managed to snap before I wimped out.
Then we headed over to my favorite place ever- Kohls. There's just something about that store that makes me completely unable to stay away. Maybe it's the cheap prices or the never ending clearance racks or the fact that it is 3 miles from my house. I debated getting some colored tights and some boots (I'm still unsure. Take a look at the picture below and let me know what you think) but ended up with only two packs of earrings which I found in the clearance section.
Then we went to Panera because I had a giftcard. I couldn't get hot chocolate because something was wrong with their machine, so I got a strawberry smoothie and it was heaven. The smoothies from Panera are scrumptious and filling- you should try one next time you are there! I also got a peanut butter cookie. Yummy!
I found a Michael's giftcard in my wallet today. There was only $5 left but I figured that I'd go get some new art supplies. Too bad I'm a moron and once I got to the register, I forgot to use it. So, instead I was short on money and had to embarrassingly call my mother on the phone so she could come to the front of the store and give me an extra dollar. Oh well, at least I got some new art supplies. I got some artist's loft soft pastels to try out since I've never used soft pastels before and 2 strathmore drawing pads (buy one get one free!)- one newsprint and one charcoal paper.
We were pooped from our adventures at that point and headed home. I, of course, opened my new soft pastels and sketched my dog, Scout.
To wrap up the great day, we ordered some Chinese food (my absolute favorite). So that was my Sunday. What did you guys do this weekend?

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

February Instagram Lookback

It's hard to believe that March has roared into picture already. Because February is over and this is my first post, I though it fitting to look back on my month of February. Hopefully this will help you to get to know me!
Anatomy drawings//Photography class shot #1//Photography class shot#2//My new blazer
A wintery morning//Pretty lights on my ceiling//Photography class shot #3//My baby doggie
Hot chocolate//Another winter day//Makeshift paint palette//Passing by Baltimore
Lobbying workshops I attended//MLK Jr Monument//The Jefferson Memorial
Georgetown Cupcakes//Presidential jewelry//Our hotel lobby//Inside the Senate building
Ready for lobbying//Capitol building//Interesting decor//More Presidential jewelry
Watercolors on a plate//Valentine's candy//Valentine's cookies//New Joann's store
Kohls giftcard//Messy desk//Yummy meal//Adorable notebooks

A clean desk//Inspiration board//Hair is getting longer//Forever 21
Doodling//Painting WIP//Interesting textbook illustrations//Eiffel Tower Cookie
Forever 21 Ring//Copic Markers//Selfie time//Ombre Sweater

February was an awfully busy month for being so short!
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